West Nile Found in HP


From the Office of Community Relations

The Department of State Health Services has confirmed a positive test for West Nile Virus from a Mosquito sample taken from one of the Town’s mosquito traps located in the 5300 Block of Drexel Drive. In response to this positive mosquito sample and in accordance with the Town’s mosquito control policy, the Town of Highland Park will conduct ground spraying measures in Quadrant C: the streets in Highland Park that are east of Preston Road and north of Beverly Drive. Refer to the attached map for detail. The ground spraying measures will be conducted from 10:00 PM and will be completed by 6:00 AM on the following dates (weather permitting): Monday, August 05, 2013, Tuesday, August 6, 2013, and Wednesday, August 7, 2013. 

For additional information about Mosquito Control specific to Highland Park, please visit our website at www.hptx.org. Any standing or stagnant water in public areas within the Town of Highland Park should be reported to us at 214-521-4161, or online at http://www.hptx.org and click on the “HP4U Resident Connection” tab.

During outdoor actvities, remember to wear mosquito/insect repellent containing DEET and follow the manufacturers recommendations. 

Thank You,

Sgt. Lance Koppa


2 thoughts on “West Nile Found in HP

  1. I will miss all your excellent articles on Parkie Talk. It was really informative. I always looked forward to it.

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