Beware of Cell Phone Scam

From the Office of Community Relations

Last week a female victim was approached inside a store by a male subject who asked to borrow her cell phone (an Apple iPhone in this instance). The male subject, mid-twenties, told the female that he was looking for his mother and they had become separated while shopping. Though the victim reported an “uneasy feeling,” she allowed the male subject to use her phone. He made a call which gave the victim the impression that his intentions were legitimate. The victim said that the male subject then slowly started backing up, turned, and ran out of the front door of the store with her phone. The victim yelled for help which alerted other customers and employees in the store to the theft. The suspect was located a couple of blocks away and apprehended by HP officers. During the investigation of the theft, officers also determined that the male subject had approached another female in the store and used the same, “…looking for my mother” story.
Prior to writing this Blue Zone News I found some interesting information online regarding cell phone theft. Other agencies are reporting a dramatic rise theft and robbery offenses where a cell phone is the targeted property item. 


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