Shots Before School!

ImageUpdated immunization records are REQUIRED for all incoming 7th graders. 

State law requires the following immunizations PRIOR to your child attending 7th grade:

  • Tetanus/Tdap booster
  • Meningitis Vaccine
  • 2nd Varicella vaccine or history of Chicken Pox disease 


You must bring, mail, or fax (214-780-3621) updated records to clinic. We are accepting the shot records now. We’ll also be checking our mail and fax machine throughout the summer. You can slide them under the door if we aren’t here. 


If you are unsure about your child’s immunization status, contact your child’s doctor’s office. Be sure to tell them your child is going into the 7th grade to ensure they are compliant for next year’s requirements. 


Please note: Do not attach shot records to the athletic forms. Send us the shot records only. All physical forms go to the coaches, the clinic does not keep those records on file. 


 Questions? Please contact Nurse P or Nurse Kat or 214-780-3620.  



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