HPISD wants your Current Information!



Has your address changed? Are you withdrawing a student?
Please notify your campus about important changes for next school year. We are already getting ready for the 2013-14 school year, and we want to be sure we have the latest information about you and your children.  
Please notify your campus immediately if you are withdrawing a student from HPISD or if you have a new mailing address.
If your email address or phone number are changing, you can update those yourself by logging in to Skyward Family Access. A link to Skyward is located on the district website and each campus homepage. If you change your Skyward login, it will also change your Back to School Sign Up login.
Back to School Sign Up for the 2013-14 school year will take place Aug. 8-16, and can be completed anywhere in the world with online access.

In July, HPISD will mail instructions on how to complete Back to School Sign Up. The instructions, including login information, will arrive in a bright pink envelope via postal mail.

Each family household in the district will receive a letter. If you have recently moved, please be sure that your mailing address is currently updated in the district’s records by contacting the appropriate campus.

Like last year, Back to School Sign Up payments can be made with either credit cards or ACH e-checks.

Back to School Sign Up is the new name for online registration, a term which was sometimes confused with enrollment, which is a separate process that takes place on campus. Back to School Sign Up allows parents the convenience of a one-stop shop to provide important information to HPISD, its PTAs and other support organizations. As a result, parents do not have to sort through piles of paperwork and write multiple checks at the start of every school year.

Click here for more information


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