Chef Shaun Collins and Domaine Wine Company


Chef Shaun Collins and Domaine continue to offer their pairing expertise the first Saturday of every month so to further educate those interested in how to bring the best things in life together. June 1 they are having “A Fine Pairing” from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. at Domaine Wine Company- 3610 Oak Lawn Avenue. Domaine Wine pairings will include light and crisp summer wines and Champagne. 

Chef Collins is the owner of a gourmet meal delivery service, Main & Sides, where clients recieve the private chef experience without actually having to hire one. Partnering with Domaine’s James Moll and Lance Storer now allows this accomplished chef to deliver his weekly gourmet meal selection to his clients’ doorsteps with the most appropriately paired wines from Domaine. And the clients of Domaine can now select gourmet meals to accompany their Domaine wine selection making at-home dining easy and elegant for all involved. 


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