HP Arts Announces Awards


HP Arts celebrated its 25th anniversary and announced the winners for its two annual awards at its April 8 general meeting. 

The Arts in Education Teacher Award, for a non fine-arts teacher who has meaningfully incorporated the arts into their teaching, was awarded to HPHS social studies teacher Anne Patterson. 

“Coming from an American Studies background, I have always found it invaluable to weave the narrative of our nation’s history through the threads of art, music, and prose,” Patterson said.

The “Arts Advocate” Award was given to Dina Steele and Rebecca Beasley, HPISD parents who have supported the arts and arts education in our community and who planned the recent tribute the HPISD Fine Arts Coordinator Linda Raya.

Steele is a former HP Arts board member, current member of La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas, an HP Alum and was Raya’s student when she attended HPHS. Beasley has served many roles on the HP Arts Board, La Fiesta de las Seis Bandera, and the Choir Booster Club. She formed the Players and Jesters Booster Club at HPMS, and is currently the La Fiesta President.  



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