Give Parkie Talk your STARR Story

ImageEvery Parkie parent seems to have a STARR story. Unfortunately I mean the standardized test for the state of Texas, and not a brush with fame. Parkie Talk wants to hear about your STARR (or TAKS)“incident” that happened to your child.

For example, I have heard of plenty of sweet children who have vomited the night or morning of one of these tests because of the pressure that they feel to do well. My children are not the type of students who get sick over tests, but an interesting comment came from my eighth grader the day of the STARR math exam last week. My son is in regular math, and his friends who are in Algebra will not take a STARR math exam this year, because the state has all Texas students take Algebra their freshman year of high school. My son said, “Mom, if I was taking Algebra, would you make me go to school today?” I was totally confused and asked him what he was talking about. He continued, “My friends who are talking Algebra are just going to watch movies all day in class, so a lot of them are going to stay home.” So my thought was tell me Texas legislature, how does this make sense?

The next night my children were watching the news, and my sixth grader announced that the newscaster just said that the STARR exam is costing the state 90 million dollars. Even a sixth grader knows how crazy that sounds. How about we use some of that money for the copier lease that the Armstrong PTA has to pay for every year? Help from the state may make the our PTA Auction chairs sleep better at night, knowing that if they don’t raise a certain amount of money, then the school will be able to function properly. It may even save them from throwing up the night before or morning of the Auction…

            Tell us your story…



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