A new column: Park Cities Pro/Con


By: Laurie Dodic Steinberg

I never thought I’d end up living in Highland Park and would have laughed in your face twenty years ago if you told me this was the place I’d raise a family. I moved to Dallas almost thirty years ago and became for all intents and purposes a true North Dallas type of girl. I graduated from Hillcrest High School in the mid-eighties and thought that was the “be all end all” of Dallas. Sure, we had some little problems with our school system back then. DISD was in a downward spiral, Hillcrest was a shadow of its former glory, drugs invaded most aspects of teenage life and teen pregnancy was happening at school (even on the homecoming court) but at the time, I would have taken it any day over being part of the elite and the snobby HP Scots.

That’s the funny thing about life – something that you think you despise or dislike isn’t so bad and can even be pretty great once you come to know it. And so it is with the Park Cities and me. I’ve lived here 15 years now and I can’t think of another place I’d rather live and raise a family.

Sure we have our ups and downs and there is still some soul searching as a community we have to do. But do I think this is the same place it was when I moved to Dallas 30 years ago? Not by a long shot (or at least by a nice tee-off).

So that’s what I hope to do with this blog – Explore what makes this community so great and then play the devil’s advocate and see how much farther we have to go. Some things you might whole-heartedly agree with and some things you totally might think I’m off my rocker. I’ll try not to be snarky and mean spirited but I’m rather sarcastic and it is hard habit to break. But let me know with your comments what you think. Put yourself out there by writing a comment – please know I appreciate it and that’s the whole point of this blog – let’s get a dialogue going.

If you think of a topic that you’d like me to write about, by all means, let me know. I’d love to hear suggestions and it will probably light a fire under me to stop procrastinating and start writing.

You already know I’m a transplant (came from San Antonio and never looked back) but there’s more to me then just my Central Texas upbringing. I’m also a wife and a mom (daughter is a college sophomore and boys are in 6th and 7th grade) and most recently, a career woman so basically; I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. Or I would, except we keep kosher and that my friends, is a whole other column.



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