Paulette Martsolf is Featured Fashion Designer at DMA Event


This spring Paulette Martsolf, owner of Snyder Plaza boutique Allie-Coosh, is honored to celebrate the Dallas Museum of Art’s exclusive U.S. Presentation of Chagall: Beyond Color. The event is at Dallas Museum of Art on March 25th, at 10:00 a.m. As the featured fashion designer for the 2013 Art in Bloom symposium, fashion show and luncheon she will help spotlight one of the most talented artist of the 20th century. Drawing inspiration from the colors of Marc Chagall’s work throughout the periods of Expressionism and Surrealism, Paulette will debut her exclusive runway collection at this annual occasion. To further support Art in Bloom 2013 and the DMA efforts Paulette will unveil one of her Chagall inspired pieces at her shop on March 6th. Following Art in Boom Paulette will showcase the runway collection in her Snider Plaza boutique. Proceeds from the ‘Chagall Chic’ line will benefit the Dallas Museum of Art League through April 25th. For sponsorship or ticket information, please go online to or call Karla Preisser at the DMA at 214-922-1391.


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